Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Love Of Independent Films

I don’t know what it is but when it comes to Independent Films there’s nothing quite like it. You can’t compare Mainstream Films to Independent Films because there in totally different categories. It drives me utterly insane when someone says “Independent Films are pretentious films” that it truly and utterly senseless thing to say. There’s nothing pretentious about Independent Films at all, the only difference between Mainstream and Independent is mainly the cost, production, actors used. What I love about Independent Films you have to go out and find them unlike mainstream films they can afford; trailers, posters on busses and magazines and hear about it on the radio. Independent Films usually go straight to DVD and with the DVD sales it goes to selected cinemas and if it becomes successful the film gets distributed more. One can say that mainstream films use A list actors and actresses and Independent films uses B list but this is totally wrong! If looking at Independent films like The Nines staring Ryan Reynolds or Half Nelson Ryan Gosling. These two films are perfect exams of Independent Films. Apart from the story and production being totally different both films have an Independent Film feeling to it. Due to low budget Independent Films can’t afford to shoot in expensive locations so they seem to always shoot in conventional places that remind us of our day to day locations.

Ryan Reynolds The Nines
The Nines is a psychological thriller drama shows a three part story all connecting with same actors and actresses but as different people in different universes. We are always presented by the protagonist Ryan Reynolds with a different life in all three parts of the story; Actor, Writer and Game Designer. The Number 9 appears constantly in each life and slowly becomes an obsession. When nearly finding the answer the universe seems to end and a new universe is created with a different life. Half Nelson is an Inner city middle school troubled teacher Ryan Gosling takes us in a journey of engaging and elegant story of the relationship between student and teacher. Half Nelson at first was a 19minuet short called “Gowanus, Brooklyn”. The Short become so popular that it gained enough money to become an independent feature film. Half Nelson is a voyage of addiction and an emotional journey of self-destruction.

Ryan Gosling Half Nelson
My all-time favourite Independent Film is Factotum Matt Dillon’s performance as Henry Chinaski was so spectacularly astonishing. The awkward moments saying nothing in a room filled with people, making himself at home everywhere he goes a lifestyle of booze and no money. Watching the alter ego of one of my all-time American writer Charles Bukowski, the films plot is very humble at the same time a very dark comedy. We follow a womanizing alcoholic Chinaski a man who can’t seem to hold any job and have no ambition to live a conventional life apart from drinking and writing. Watching Facatum you have no idea where this film goes and one can say “doesn’t that make the film drag on?” Chinaski’s has so much character that the entire drive of the film is solely on Chinaski. The stories and poems Chinaski writes and voice overs in film are actually Charles Bukowski published shorts and poems. The voice overs are a remarkable visual description of Chinaski inner self, very similar to Bukowski writing Facatum is great insight into the semi-biographical life of Bukowski. With such a melancholic and miserable character it’s so bizarre that Chinaski makes it amusing story to watch; leaving work early to gamble at the horse track, never taking responsibility for his actions and only love in life is to write his thoughts on the world and the people he encounters.

Matt Dillon Factotum
What I love about Independent Films is feeling of discovering this film. You knew you would like this film before watching it because you went out your way to find it or a friend recommended to you. With Mainstream films everyone has seen Dark Knight or Inception. I’m not saying Mainstream films are crap I love them but if I had an option in life to choose a big time Hollywood director making films like Lord of The Rings or being an Independent Film maker like Beginners or The Beaver I honestly would choose Independent. Mainstream films is totally controlled by producers and the big time films companies so I would have no say and have to cater the audience needs. But that’s how you make money you can’t do what you want in Mainstream Films.

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