Tuesday, 20 September 2011

“Why Do I Do, What I Do?”

“Why Do I Do, What I Do?” Cannot really be summed up by one word but through a series of films that I can personally say represent me. When I watch a film I want to be taken into that world and lose touch with reality and when the credits show and I want to be left with more.  A film shouldn’t just entertain you with the new found technology called 3D with its special effects over shadowing its awful story, which is quite funny when 3D was meant to make feel like you are in the movie when in reality it just hurts yours eyes and actually reminds you you’re in the cinema and you’re watching the film.

Is this what Hollywood is doing now? Rather than producing films that actually has some art and feeling. They prefer to just to dumb the audience down with ridiculous amount of CGI with Michael Bay exploding everything in his path. James Cameron’s Avatar marked a very low moment in cinema for me when both critics and audience reaction of the film was both amazing and unique. Yes visually the film was great and why it got the awards for Best Cinematography at the 2010 academy awards. But the film was never the less anything more than; original, slow and cliché. Yet just because the film had James Cameron’s Avatar it had more publicity, I truly doubt anyone would go and watch Avatar if it said Duncan Jones’s Avatar. Even though Duncan Jone’s Moon staring Sam Rockwell was just as; visually amazing, beautiful plot and with astounding cinematography. Of course the son of David Bowie would never get as much publicity then James Cameron he did both Terminator 1 & 2 and Titanic not forgetting True Lies??

I fear for Hollywood’s future very much! With two more Avatar movies on their way and a never ending Pirates of the Caribbean squeals, it’s no surprise that Hollywood now is starting to remake already spectacular movies from other parts of the world; Oldboy, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo squeals  and  Rec squeals. The only thing this shows is that Hollywood has to steal other existing films and stamp a Hollywood film company with a mascot Hollywood director and say its theirs.

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