Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Miss Farkku-Suomi: Miss Blue Jeans

A film adaptation of Finnish rock musician and author Kauko Röyhkä autobiographical book Miss Farkku-Suomi (Miss Blue Jeans), directed by Matti Kinnunen Miss Farkku-Suomi is a brilliant experience into the Finnish rock culture of the 70’s. With a fantastic feeling of 70’s nostalgia throughout the film, we embark on a journey in an era where teenagers danced to disco and flare trousers were visible as far as the eye could see.
We follow the young Välde (Mikko Neuvonen), a fatherless teenager, who shares a room with his mother in their small studio apartment in the northern coastal town called Oulu in Finland. The only joy of Välde’s is his fine collection of vinyl’s and his personal hero, American rock legend and songwriter Lou Reed, New York Dolls and David Bowie. Determined to follow the same path as Lou Reed, Välde hopes to get a band together. With dreams of becoming a singer and guitarist, Välde soon realizes that he cannot play or even sing like the legends he idolizes. Välde creates his own style of playing and unique voice that captures his life of cycling alone in the suburbs of Oulu and lyrically visualising the old factory brick walls and toxic emissions from the chimneys and the derelict beaches.
It seems that our Finnish protagonist has dreams of fixing the world’s troubles one song at a time. However in the mission to save the world Välde has to overcome his own troubles first. Miss Farkku-Suomi is a brilliant coming of age story in a time where the punk subculture of diverse array of ideologies, fashion, expressionism and even visual art, literature and dance. The Punk culture has moved away from the United Kingdom and United States and now reached the small coastal town of Oulu. With a subculture that is characterized by anti-establishment views and individual freedom, Välde seems to be the loner and weirdo of the town. However as Välde finds kindred spirit in Sasu, with the mutual love of the same idols they form a band called “Tart” together. With the band they hope to become the faces of Finnish punk version of the Sex Pistols, The Class and Suicide.

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