Monday, 2 September 2013

The Fountain

The fountain consists of three different stories. The first is about an impulsive conquistador from the medieval era who embarks on a journey to save his nation and queen. The second story is based in the future and tells the story of a bubble-bound space traveller, who ventures towards a golden nebula of Xibalba along with large dying tree. The last story is set in present day and shows the narrative of a medical researcher scientist, who tries to find a cure for his cancer stricken wife. The conquistador, space traveller and medical researcher are all portrayed by Hugh Jackman. The too be saved queen, dying tree and cancer stricken wife are all portrayed by Rachel Weisz. Although all three of these narratives are similar melancholic love stories, they are all set in different time periods. Writer and director Darren Aronofsky certainly does portray The Fountain as a passionate love story of death and piety. All stories show the fragility of our existence in this world we live in.
Centring around three stories, The Fountain is a brilliant film that touches on metaphysics, symbolisms between biblical conviction and the K├╝bler-Ross model, all spread across by thousands of years of boundless love. Aronofsky touches on the void of human emotion focused around the drive to save a loved one. But from the very beginning we all very well know that these three men from different parallel universes, are doomed to fail and that is the true focus of the film.
Hugh Jackman’s characters; Tomas the conquistador, Tommy the researcher and Tom Creo the traveller sole purpose is not to save but rather to let go. That coming to terms with death is not to be feared but actually to be accepted as a way of life. That all beauty must die. The Fountain reaches far beyond the deep personal journey of exploration, meditation and inner peace. The Fountain unveils how even the greatest warrior of the Spanish Empire, the brightest mind and peaceful warrior all have an aching passion to save but also to lose. Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain offers such inspiring cinematography and beautifully blinding visuals of exploding nebula. Also his ability to blend narratives by the mixing of genetic obligations and reflections on creativeness and heartbreak, truly make this an exquisitely crafted film.

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