Saturday, 14 September 2013


Directed by Vicente Amorim, Good 2008 is focused around the early years of 1930’s during the rise of National Socialism in Germany. John Halder (Viggo Mortensen) is a mild mannered bespectacled literature professor, writer and more importantly an apolitical family man with an ill mother and fragile wife. His idea on compassionate euthanasia catches the eye of German politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany Joseph Goebbels, a man famous for the intellectual justification for euthanasia of the mentally ill.  Suddenly Halder finds himself in the grips of the most feared and powerful regime in Germany. As his mother slowly becomes more ill, his wife more lost and his devoted friendship with a Jewish psychologist Maurice (Jason Isaacs) begins to crumble, Halder finds himself between a career boosting opportunity and a conflicting moral decision. A devoted father and a brilliant intellectual, how can his own imaginative writing on his dementia-beset mother be his undoing.
As we watch Halder stand in disbelief as his career takes off we embark on a journey of own moral conflict. A man with morals who is embraced by the Nazi’s, shows a riveting narrative of protagonist who we slowly start disliking. Good effectively conveys the extent of persuasion Nazi's had on the German people. Making them believe what is great for the Germanic people, masking their true intent of slavery and genocide. Halder was a law abiding and moral citizen with an aberration to a normal everyday life. Writer C.P Taylor uses Halder as a way of examining how essential flimsiness of human morality is put to the ultimate test. Good is a chilling journey and reminder of evil prevailing when good men fail to act.

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