Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Man From Nowhere

A mysterious and recluse pawnshop owner Cha Tae-sik (Bin Won) forges a bond with a young neglected neighbour Jeong So-mi (Sae-ron Kim). Jeon So-mi's mother crosses paths with a feared and brutal gang which in result leads the young So-mi being kidnaped. The recluse and mysterious pawnshop owner embarks on a knife stabbing and gun shooting endeavour to rescue his only friend. However as the journey of revenge embarks he discovers that the gang is in a gruesome business of child trafficking, child slavery, illegal organ trafficking, drug manufacturing and distribution.

Nothing is better than watching a film that totally caught you off guard and left your mind blown. The Man from Nowhere is a particular film that ranks number one as a “Holy crap this movie is freaking awesome”. From the look from of the trailers my initial opinion of this film was honestly a South Korean Die Hard action movie. The choreography is a fantastic combination of the fast pace hand to hand combat from Chia-Liang Liu’s 1994 The Legend of Drunken Master and grittily violent of Louis Leterrier 2005 Unleashed. Yet just as we think the action and violence cannot get even more gruesome, we see a gruesome death to a villain that really did deserve that slow and painful death. Yet even through all the madness and chaos of an endeavour of punishing violence, spectacular fight and chase sequences, the intensity of The Man From Nowhere shows no bounds. Watching Man From Nowhere is yet again proof that once again Korean Cinema has set the bar to a new high with astonishing vigour and inventiveness.

The Man from Nowhere takes the action and violence everywhere imaginable. To the tight bathroom cubicle that gives a fantastic squeezing tension to the vast empty luxurious office space. The fight sequences and choreography is almost as if it is out of The Matrix or Equilibrium. We witness a fantastic and brutal amalgamation of; gritty hand to hand, gun kata and many gruesome knife fights.

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