Tuesday, 6 August 2013

I'm Still Here

At the time of the release audiences had no idea if I'm Still Here was documentary or mockumentary. It was revealed that the documentary was actually a mockumentary after the director Casey Affleck said it was a prank. Joaquin Phoenix promoted his mockumentary at the return of the Late Show clean shaven and well-dressed. The big fuzzy beard and black Ray Ban’s was all a hoax. Fooled from the beginning or always knew it was a hoax, I'm Still Here is a fascinating and brilliant insight into the suicide career journey of Oscar-nominated Walk the Line star Joaquin Phoenix. This mockumentary raises the fascinating questions into the celebrity culture and how we the audience cannot get enough of celebrities destroying their careers.

Casey Affleck’s fly one the wall mockumentary is not just about following Joaquin Phoenix career change into hip hop. But rather we follow Joaquin Phoenix destroy his career and willingly watch his sanity drop into a spiral decent into madness. I’m Still Here is a brilliant modern art experiment of we the viewers and audiences  love to see celebrities like Britney Spears or Charlie Sheen lose their mind. The media fuels our lust by interviewing these people willingly knowing that they’re going to do or say something insane. Britney Spears shaves her hair off and a drug fuelled Charley Sheen drinks tiger blood. Watching Phoenix openly snort cocaine, order call girls off the internet, treat his assistants abusively and have sex with hookers is a fascinating performance that helps fuel the illusion that this actor has gone insane.

Even before the release of I’m Still Here in 2010 Joaquin Phoenix decided to appear on Late Show with David Letterman to promote his rap debut in January in 2009. His bizarre appearance of hiding his green eyes with black Ray Ban’s, itching his thick long beard and constantly fidgeting in his suit was the most talked about interview of that year. This helped fuel the hoax that the actor had finally lost the plot.

I’m Still Here is defiantly a brilliant mockumentary of Joaquin Phoenix career transformation from acting to rapping but an even more fantastic and fascinating documentary of celebrities journey in media frenzy madness. Casey Affleck creates both a funny atmospheres to a tragic story that leads to some shocking moments that involves snorting cocaine and ordering female escorts online. This is honestly one of Joaquin Phoenix underrated best performances.

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