Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Kiss Of The Dragon

Jet Li plays a Chinese agent called Liu Jian who was sent from China to Paris to help assist and apprehend a big time drug lord. But the sexy smooth talking French inspector Richard (Tchéky Karyo) is a corrupt officer uses Liu as a patsy to frame in the assassination of the mob boss. Now on the run in a foreign land and far away from home with no help in sight, Liu will have to rely on his cunning, his kick ass karate moves and a little help from an American heroin addict Jessica Kamen (Bridget Fonda) who was forced into prostitution by Richard.

Nothing can be as more menacing and terrifying than the words of the polite and quite request of Jet Li saying "I would very much appreciate it if you don't do that again”. Next thing you know a little quite Chinese takeout place ends up being war zone of Jet Li and the power of the chop stick. The hotel scene features some of the best Harry Houdini escapes tactics and incredible parkour stunts, leading the henchmen into a cat and mouse game. One of the most memorable sequences is when Liu is trapped on a ferryboat. Surrounded by a barrage of endless French Special Forces and Richard’s goons, Liu’s escape seems impossible once again.

Kiss of the Dragon is filled with; fast paced action, deadly martial arts and a pretty grim and realistic view of sex trafficking and prostitution in Europe. Cory Yuen’s choreography really does create a perfect atmosphere of henchmen getting their bone crushed. The final showdown is a fierce two on one against the two twins whose signature moves is a round house boot to the face. 

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