Wednesday, 24 July 2013

I Saw The Devil

Kyung-chul (Min-sik Choi) helps a pregnant woman with a flat tire with his good grace. This attention of kindness is actually a mask and he brutishly murders her. However this helpless pregnant women’s husband is a highly skilled government agent Soo-hyeon go (Byung-hun Lee). Who now is on a relentless mission to hunt down the serial killer. The once feared killer is now the victim to constant and savage beatings from the monster he created. How far will Kim Soo-hyeon go to avenge his wife and unborn baby?

For someone who consistently watches murderers in psychological thrillers, Kim Ji-woon’s I Saw The Devil is definitely a thriller that pushes the genre to its limit. The murders and beatings we witness are so vivid and gut-wrenching it made me question is this actually a horror? But that is what pushes the genre beyond. The mesmerising brutal journey of vengeance goes far beyond any thriller. I Saw The Devil set the thriller genre to an all new vivid gruesome high; the hand to hand combat of savage beatings and the violence that can only be described as visceral vengeful torture.

What makes I Saw The Devil such a compelling film to watch is the brutal truth of revenge. A government agent who dedicated his life to law and order and to protect the innocent is now driven on a quest of vengeance. The virtuousness he protected is now gone and as the malicious beatings become more horrendous we begin to question Kim Soo-hyeon ruthless pursuit of revenge. Has this deranged quest of revenge blinded Soo-hyeon? Or has he become the nightmare monster of Kyung-chul. In this journey of murder and revenge we discover one thing “Who is the devil?” 

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