Thursday, 18 July 2013

Double Impact

Double the Van Damme, double the action! “The Muscle from Brussels” embarks on a dual role as Alex and his twin brother Chad. Both brothers were separated at the death of their parents in a plot organised by the Triad hit squad to assassinate their father. Chad was saved by their father’s body guard and family friend Frank Avery (Geoffrey Lewis). Alex wasn’t so lucky and was saved by their family maid who left him at the door step of an orphanage. Knowing that the Hong Kong criminal cartel will come after them, Frank flees the country with Chad. This leaves Alex to grow up alone as a shady cigar smoking smuggler in Hong Kong while Chad becomes a snobbish successful karate instructor in California. After many years the two are brought back together to team up and avenge their parent’s death. The two brothers have completely different personalities, the odds are highly stacked against them and Alex is constantly suspicious of Chad, certainly when it comes to his girlfriend. None the less they are brothers and they have to take down the gang that killed their parents.

Director Sheldon Lettich certainly does show us constant action and chaos all over the scorching locations of Hong Kong. Better still seeing two Jean Claude Van Damme’s is definitely the novelty that Double Impact wanted to push for. With double the Van Damme which can only mean doubling the explosive action and doubling his signature 360 roundhouse kick. Double Impact is not only packed with karate action and exploding restaurants but it is also full of great humour. This certainly does loosen the atmospheres with Chad’s and Alex’s pikerring and constantly being divided by their personalities. Chad is an arrogant silk underwear wearing playboy with pink shirts and white shorts. Alex is the shady slicked back hair, dark clothes and cigar smoking crook who is very protecting over his girlfriend. In all honestly the only thing they both have in common is that they both know how to kick ass.  

Double Impact is by far one of the most favourable Jean Claude Van Damme movies or at least a runner up. It is easily a digestible action film full of incredible martial arts karate kicks and great humour from the Muscle. Even when tragedy hits the twin brother’s there is still some funny moments with a madly jealous and drunk Alex wanting to kick his brother’s ass. Finally the best fight we can ever imagine, Van Damme vs. Van Damme. Jean Claude Van Damme brings a fantastic amount of energy to the screen and with Director Sheldon Lettich backing him with relentless action. Double Impact is definitely a Jean Claude Van Damme film you have to watch.

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