Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Believer

Directed by Henry Bean A young Jewish man Daniel Balint (Ryan Gosling) who grows up to become fiercely anti-Semitic and racist to all other minorities and becomes a Neo-Nazi. Loosely based on a true story of a KKK member Daniel Burros who become a member of the American Nazi Party and The United Klans of America but was exposed by a New York Times reporter to be Jewish and committed suicide.   

Danny Balint is portrayed as an intellectual and well-mannered person however at the same time this unorthodox Jewish boy had a paradox of being a Neo-Nazi. Being utterly vicious and fuelled with hate and even more so being a self-hating Jew this abhorrence only made the delusion even worst. We like to think that being a fascist or racist makes you very narrow minded and viewed of being idiotic well here is a fascist Nazi who is racist to all minorities but he is not the mindless idiotic Ku Klux Klan redneck or skinhead neo-Nazi. This is a young and very smart Jewish man who cultivates fierce anti-Semitic views on the world has a very powerful and persuasive way to rant his political beliefs. Anyone who challenges Daniel receives the full disgust and malevolence but he isn’t just ranting mindlessly Henry Bean not only crafted Danny to become a spiteful racist but a very knowledgeable chauvinistic neo-Nazi. Danny’s outbursts are not seen of mindless racism but rather a speaker who uses reason who effectively commands and mesmerise the people who are around him with what seems to be statistical and factual material but rather propaganda. His style of speeches and manner is identical to Adolf Hitler and his knowledge of Torah, Hebrew and Judaism is from his Jewish background but he sees it as knowing your enemy and compares himself to Adolf Eichmann who studies Judaism.

But beneath this master of dialectic and ice cold vision of white Aryan race was just really a confused and angry boy. Who questions and argues with unorthodox interpretations of scripture like the Binding of Isaac arguing that God wanted Abraham's faith to be unquestioning submission making God not the almighty but rather the tormenter who became power mad. The Believer is a fantastic portrayal of how any anyone can be a Nazi sympathizer or even a Nazi themselves no matter what ethnic background. This is a brilliant drama of one man’s journey of racism and anger is really a voyage of self-loathing.

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