Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Godfather Trilogy

****Spoiler Alert****
Though The Godfather was released to us in 1972 a lot critics today tend to think that the first Godfather has passed its time. In my honest opinion I truly believe that not only the first but all three Godfather’s hold the title of being one of the only films that is timeless. It is a trilogy that keeps its nostalgia of old and new cinema. It holds the ranks of one of Hollywood’s greatest both critical and commercial success and still year afters from the film age to digital age of cinema technology The Godfather is still referenced by other crime genre and other genre films today. Obviously one of the most common questions a trilogy will ever face is “which Godfather do you prefer?” in my honest opinion I love them all but for different reasons.
Usually with any trilogy the first film would always been seen as the best, being that it kick started the whole sequence of films to come. Also its no surprise that the first one would be the most preferred having such an amazing cast of actors and actresses. It’s even one of the last major films Marlin Brando performed. The Godfather sets the scene with an aging head of an organized crime dynasty Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) that slowly begins to let his eldest son Sonny Corleone (James Caan) take control but as the clandestine empire begins to fall apart with a fall out warfare with another mob family and the death of Sonny. The youngest reluctant Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) realizes that he has no choice but to take his older brothers place and embark on a voyage of crime, family loyalty, death and business. What I admire most of The Godfather is that it embarks us on a journey of a son whose family business is in organized crime. Both kind hearted, moral and even a war hero his father wished for Michael never to be involved in the business. Michael was seen as the son who would take the Corleone family out of crime and be legitimate. Paving the way for future Corleone’s but as war breaks between the family’s Michael is sucked into this world of crime and Don Vito’s dream of Michael never to be involved ends up being the new head of the Corleone family.
The first Godfather itself has trilogy written all over it. Unlike other crime genre films released before The Godfather’s main narrative focus was always showing what kind of criminal activity there was and never showing the family aspect. There are two families in the Godfather or in any gangster film. There’s the personal family with brothers, sisters and uncles but then there’s the other family with the underboss, consigliere, capo’s, soldiers and associates. The Godfather trilogy is the first ever gangster crime genre film to ever voyage into the immediate family of the boss of an organized crime mafia. What drives me to say why all three Godfathers are so amazing is that each particular film has its own identity and its own voice.  The Godfather paved the way for Michael to take the thrown and become boss. The Godfather Part: II is a fantastic combination of watching Don Vito’s journey of becoming boss and how Michael has to deal with slowly losing grip of his immediate family and discovering disloyalty within the ranks of his mafia family. The Godfather Part: III is the most disliked but I like to think it was the most misunderstood. I personally see Part: III as the film when Michael finally wishes to do his father proud and try to push the Corleone family into being legitimate. However this film has tragedy written all over it and we are left with Michael losing his child, a vicious circle that seems to cloud the Corleone family. The trilogy ends how it began, An old boss steps down and someone else will be the new head of the family.

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